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The Reward Deficiency Syndrome, Addiction, Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine.

gentle-chiropractic-care-sq-300-150x150The Reward Deficiency Syndrome is a term coined in the 80’s and developed in the 90’s by neurobiologist, neuropsychologist and chiropractors. In an interesting study conducted at a drug and alcohol rehab center it was noted that when two groups were created and one group received a placebo chiropractic adjustment and the other group received a real chiropractic adjustment, the real adjustment group overcame there drug and alcohol addiction more completely and faster. Wow! Well, come to find out there were many reasons for this outcome that made perfect sense.

Dopamine production within in the neural system is increased with a chiropractic adjustment. Nice! When dopamine is increased in our systems we feel satisfied and content. This helps us to not crave. There are many kinds of cravings that dopamine settles within our system. Some of our cravings are biochemically induced such as low blood sugar, and other cravings are more psychogenic such as excessive sexual desires. Either way we are driven to satisfy these desires. Many of us find a drug or alcohol as a way to tamp down our cravings and this works because of similar biochemical actions that occur in the presence of certain drugs and alcohol. They work by binding to the same receptor sites that the naturally produced dopamine would bind to or they work by stimulating your body to produce and or release more dopamine. Let’s explore the more natural alternatives in our quest to produce more feel good biochemistry.

physical-therapy-woman-sq-300-150x150Chiropractic is important in this field because of the direct stimulation that occurs to the spinal system during an spinal adjustment, which causes a release of dopamine.

Nutrition and the neurolingual (taste) connection is huge in this field, because this is a powerful way to stimulate dopamine release, which often calms appetite, balances blood sugar and decreases alcohol desire.

Aromatherapy is another dopamine stimulator and releaser. Aromatherapy works by direct central nervous system stimulation through the olfactory bulb where aroma molecules such as rosemary and frankincense pass through the blood brain barrier and directly stimulate the smell receptors and action centers of the brain. This is why we advocate the use of essential oils.

Reflexology works by stimulating dopamine release in relation to reflex points that are reflexively connect to body organs and systems. Physical stimulation of these points located on our feet cause biochemical actions such as dopamine release.

Meditation. There have been many studies to show the benefits of a meditation program as a way to overcome addictive cravings. A simple mantra, closed eyes in a quiet setting and repeating of the mantra for 20 minutes twice daily brings our inner stillness up to our consciousness and what do you know, more available dopamine.

Our bodies are so wonderfully designed. Being respectful of our responsibility to maintain our health is a primary goal in life. For those of us that get this and are willing to act on that responsibility, we have nearly unlimited access to inner healing and healthy expressions. Hopefully you are inspired to look a a few of these non-invasive and very effective ways to keep your body-mind balanced and healthy.

Dr. John Weisberg

Seaside Wellness Center


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