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Meet Dr. John Weisberg

Dr. John

For years I suffered with headaches and finally I tried chiropractic. My response was fantastic and exciting.”

I was a premedical student at Lenoir Rhyne College. My wife, Daryl, was pregnant with our first child. Always progressive and on the cutting edge, Daryl was in search of prenatal caregivers who would see her natural childbirth point of view and help her have a healthy and successful pregnancy and childbirth. In 1977 that was asking a lot but she found Dr’s. Ron and Bud, two young and enthusiastic Doctors of Chiropractic. They had just started their new practice in Morganton, NC where we lived. Well, for us, those two doctors opened up a whole new way of thinking about health. Through them, we finally saw the value in being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to health matters. We did have a beautiful healthy little girl and I had a great victory with my own health. It wasn’t long before I had reconsidered my career path and chose chiropractic. Or was it chiropractic that chose me?

My Chiropractic Path

I finished my pre-medical program at the University of South Florida in 1978 and was then accepted at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. I was very taken with our two new Doctor of Chiropractic friends and took their advice about Palmer being the best chiropractic college in the world. My premedical studies had prepared me very well, but I was really surprised by Palmer’s intense academic workload. It was an unrelenting four-year program that truly gave me more than just the basic tools to be a great Doctor of Chiropractic. I was readied for the diversity of family practice. By the end of my clinic internship, I had managed a large caseload of moms, dads, kids, grandparents, injured workers, auto accident victims, and more. The range of diagnostic skills was also a pleasant surprise. Today’s modern Doctor of Chiropractic is a very skilled diagnostician using the blood lab, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, and physical exam procedures to properly evaluate and diagnose. Prenatal, infant, and child care was a big and extra interesting area of the curriculum, thanks to Dr. Maxine McMullen. I was also fortunate to have been at Palmer when the late great Dr. Virgil Strang taught Chiropractic Philosophy and Osteology. He was a great clinician and, in addition, he was our family chiropractor. I also interned in his office and truly learned from a master. I will always herald and miss Dr. Strang. His influence on the Chiropractic profession was profound. I and all of my patients have been blessed by his spirit and influence. It was through him that my understanding of the miracle of chiropractic was realized.

At Seaside Wellness Center

The practice objective at the Seaside Wellness Center is simply; remove interferences to the body’s innate ability to heal itself and the body will in fact heal. First and foremost, we do that by offering a loving and healing atmosphere. By gaining trust and respect from our practice members we skillfully seek to detect and correct those interferences to the flow of life so that health can be regained and then maintained at higher levels. We use chiropractic and clinical nutrition as our healing techniques. We have helped people from the beginning of their lives to the end of their lives. Some of my most cherished moments in practice come from caring for three and four-generation families. These are families that really get our healthy lifestyle philosophy. I have had some very high-level life experiences with people dealing with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Our calming and nurturing techniques and atmosphere have many times enhanced the lives of those in all stages of the illness. Whatever your health circumstance we are always thankful for the opportunity to assist in nurturing your well-being. Most importantly, we want to exceed our patients’ expectations.


Daryl and I have enjoyed 46 years of marriage and have parented three wonderful and successful children. Although they have all left home we stay in close touch and maintain strong family ties. We have also entered the new world of grand-parenting and as you can imagine, we are very excited.

Wilmington has been the perfect place for us to settle in with our family. We remain interested and involved in community happenings and through the years have fostered some great friendships. Lately, with weddings and babies in the picture, we haven’t had much time for ourselves but we do manage to stay in touch with some great guitar players and quilters that nurture some of our other talents.

Daryl has always been the leader with regard to our family’s personal health direction. We stay adjusted always. I have always given chiropractic care to my family and I have always received chiropractic care from other skilled chiropractors. We attribute the excellent health of ourselves and our family to maintenance chiropractic care. Our diet is not flawless but it gets very high ratings. We do not adhere to a vegetarian diet but we do adhere to a mostly organic whole food diet. We eat a lot of raw foods and when there is cooking it is always minimal. Great care is also given to food combinations and we have always used whole food nutritional supplements made by the Standard Process Corporation. Our exercise pattern is usually daily and involves aerobics and calisthenics with some lightweight training. Daryl and I attribute our chosen lifestyle and approach to health and well-being as the determining factor in our children’s near-flawless health patterns. We never had to consider the use of an antibiotic and we chose to not vaccinate because of the many associated risks with vaccination. By making that decision we were also deciding to do all we could to enhance our children’s health substance. Apparently, our commitment paid off because our now adult children and grandchildren enjoy very healthy and prosperous lives.

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