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Wilmington Chiropractor, Seaside Wellness Center

Our Mission

Providing Wilmington residents with the best in alternative and wellness health care is our mission at Seaside Wellness Center. Choosing among Wilmington chiropractors and wellness practitioners can be daunting, but with our experience and expertise, Seaside Wellness Center is a wise choice.

Your Goals

Dr. John Weisberg and Daryl Weisberg, M.S, C.R.R. are dedicated to your well-being and helping you achieve the health goals you desire. As Dr. John Weisberg explains, “Your health is our number one priority. One way we help you achieve your goals is to take the opportunity to educate you about how our wellness healthcare models (chiropractic, nutrition, reflexology and Reiki) can often help even when other methods have failed.”

Discover Reflexology

Seaside Wellness Center offers reflexology in Wilmington, which utilizes the reflex areas in the feet and hand which correspond to all of our glands, organs, and body parts. Reflexology is a unique method of stimulating these reflex areas to reduce stress and tension in our system. This means that all of your glands, organs, and body parts can work together better to create a higher level of health.

Seaside Wellness Center Can Help!

Give our Wilmington chiropractic and wellness center a call today! Schedule an appointment to learn how chiropractic, better nutrition or reflexology may be able to help you and your family.”