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Herbs & Oils in the Alternative Medical Care of Arthritis:

turmericTurmeric as you know has a very strong reputation in the modern world as an antiinflammatory.  Turmeric is going after a number of inflammatory mediators but it is particularly good at influencing, in a positive way, the nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB), which is a key player in what goes wrong at the articular cartilage and also at the synovium. This product by MediHerb called Boswellia Complex is a very rational product and it is very well designed as the first entry point for the osteo arthritic patient. I say this with out taking into account some of the modern science that has to do with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, but the celery, turmeric and ginger give it a very modern take in terms of the circulation aspect of osteoarthritis that we have been discussing. Please review the previous blogs on osteoarthritis.


Alternative Medical Approach Part II

Part III

Boswellia Complex will help to maintain and support the arthritic joint but the dosage is typically higher and long term. The goal is to work with the patient and get the dose that is just right for them and then both doctor and patient be patient with the healing process. Both doctor and patient will realize terrific results.


There are some causes of joint pain that are not considered arthritis but are caused by stress factors such as running. This is an excellent use of these herbals in our discussion in helping the runners stressed joints more fully recover and in fact not inflame from the stress. I have several runners who appreciate the use of  Boswellia Complex as a swelling and pain preventative herbal. Lower doses are required in this case to keep the knees of the runner in good working order and reduce the pain associated with running.

Maintaining and Supporting Healthy Joints:

When we are looking at Boswellia Complex we take into consideration many factors. Maintaining and supporting healthy joints where people are concerned with remaining fit and healthy is one goal. It is also going to be important in maintaining and supporting osteoarthritic joints. Boswellia Complex serves to clear acidic metabolites from the body and help a bit with circulation. It will also look after the cellular environment in terms of dealing with the cellular stress of which the turmeric is the main player. This is another blog in a series of blogs meant to address the condition of arthritis and the effective and safe use of herbals and essential oils in combination with chiropractic and reflexology. Be sure to review past blogs on these oils and herbals.


Celery Seed


Dr. John E. Weisberg



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