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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chiropractic in Wilmington for rheumatoid arthritis When your body’s immune system attacks its own tissues it is called autoimmunity.  Medical science believes rheumatoid arthritis to be an autoimmune disease. The best that medicine can do is control the inflammation and suppress immune activity. There are also some natural methods that are effective and before you submit to a lifetime of medications with dangerous side effects you should do some alternative medicine exploring.

Dr. John Weisberg and Daryl D. Weisberg, M.S. have been effectively helping their rheumatoid arthritic patients with natural methods for 32 years. Dr. Weisberg says, “as I see it one of the big factors in who will not develop RA comes down to breastfeeding and not introducing formula type foods but real non-processed whole foods when the infant’s gut is developed and no longer leaky. Holding back on vaccinations is another factor.”  That being said, “in the natural healing arts world, if you should already have RA there is more help than you may think.”  

Herbals that bring the immune system back into balance and decrease the inflammatory response are available. Diets that promote joint healing, vitamin and mineral balance, detoxification, cleansing, and a decrease in inflammatory responses should be developed based on body and blood type. Healing arts that calm and balance nervous system function and decrease nerve system interferences such as chiropractic and reflexology are most helpful. There is much more than what has been mentioned depending on your special body, mind and spiritual needs. At Seaside Wellness Center you can be certain that all of your needs will be assessed and understood and the most effective RA healing program recommended.

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