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Low back pain.

Chiropractic does not treat conditions When your low back is in pain everything about life seems unfocused and a burden. Low back pain is rarely a result of some serious injury or degenerative process but more likely due to malalignment and nerve system interference. It can happen without any apparent cause, which makes it more difficult to understand.

What we want our patients to understand is that low back pain is sometimes directly related to mental and spiritual stresses in life. The “weight of the world” syndrome, if you will. That, combined with a series of minor injuries while growing up, can add up to a major hurt. Dr. John Weisberg and Daryl D. Weisberg, M.S have been successfully helping their patients with low back pain for more than 32 years. Their holistic approach includes a careful history and examination. X-rays are taken if necessary and thermography is used to properly evaluate the cause of the low back pain. Once a proper diagnosis has been made treatment options are discussed. Some acute low back pain conditions can quickly resolve with just chiropractic care. Other more chronic conditions need a more comprehensive approach including physical therapeutics, stretch and exercise, proper nutritional counseling, and the great stress reliever Reflexology.

What ever is causing your low back pain can be determined at the Seaside Wellness Center and an affordable, effective holistic treatment program can help you recover without the use of drugs or surgery.

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