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Cancer is a process that your body knows about.

Cancer is not a random bunch of rogue cells We have spent billions fighting it, but has cancer been fundamentally misunderstood? I think it is wrong headed when oncologists refuse to acknowledge and work with alternatives to what medicine offers. I have often heard oncologists tell their patients to not eat nutritious food or take natural herbals for no sound scientific reason at all. As if the chemo is what is missing in that patient’s fragile state of being and if we just leave everything as it is and apply the chemo we will get the results we desire.

This is not only misleading it is untruthful. Human beings with cancer should do everything possible to reconnect themselves with the natural order of life. Alternative medical approaches like herbal therapy, chiropractic, reflexology and clinical nutrition not only refocus the ailing human being but also places an emphasis on the body, mind and spirit coming back into balance. This is the real priority because without this there can be no real lasting healing.

Cancer is a process that your body knows about. Changing your body/mind by causing a stirring of innate intelligence is a worthy endeavor. We stir it up when we adjust and correct the vertebral subluxation complex, stimulate reflexes and provide missing nutrients.

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