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Quote about chiropracticThere is one law that, when seen, begins to open up a whole new vista of understanding for a person. Now that law, we could call it “the One Law,” allows a person to find relationship with the power, so that the needs can be filled. It is the law of positive action and negative response. When I use the term negative, I am not thinking of something destructive. In the scientific sense the word negative means responsive to, receptive to. As an example: The sun is the center of our solar system, and around the sun go all the planets, including the little planet we live on.

The sun is the positive center of our solar system, and the planets are negative of responsive to that positive center, the sun. By the way, our sun is the positive center of our solar system, but it is also negative to a sun on beyond in the galaxy, so with this we have a balance in our universe. Because of the working of this law we have balance, exactness. We can tell a hundred years ahead where a particular planet well be, because of this positive action and negative response. If this planet were to become positive toward its positive sun, two positives repel, and it would fall right out of orbit. Two positives repel; a positive and a negative come together as one. Now, understanding that, some areas of true thinking begin to open up.

Let’s say ideally, our Human aspect is negative to our positive Being aspect. What then happens when our negative human aspect starts to become positive toward our positive Being aspect? Well, if one stays in that state of being positive toward the power, eventually there will be a separation of the human and the being. Our Being represents that positive center, and our Human the aspect that should be negative or responsive to it. When the human is responsive to the being, there is power.

But that hasn’t been the case, and you can tell it hasn’t been the case by listening to people, because we are constantly revealing where our consciousness is. Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, I’m only human, you know”? Did you ever hear anyone say, “I’m only being”? No one says that. They say, “I’m only human.” If you were “only human” you would be a corpse. We are not just human; we are human beings. We have this duality here; the positive and the negative are present. But, because human beings haven’t understood the exactness, or known how to fulfil the requirements of the law, in consciousness that’s what they think they are: only human.

Now why does this separation come about? The human is composed of a body, a mind and an emotional realm. That’s the human make-up. Our facility, our equipment. It’s not who you are; it’s what you have. You have a body, a mind, and an emotional realm, but you are not that. Your being is life. Life motivates your human aspect when it is responsive to the power of life. In perfect health we have become 100% responsive; body, mind and emotional capacity. When that happens WOW! Life is like fireworks. Truly amazing and a powerful and fulfilling experience because we are one with life. We are one with Being.

True healing begins by working with this one law principle. The healer is skilled at reconnecting the human with the being and wala, healing begins. We chiropractors are skilled at getting the human interference out of the way of the life force power so we can find our way back to health.

Some of this philosophy was taken from my good friend Dr. William Bahan. My friend and mentor.

God bless,

Dr. John

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