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Tangled up in blue, (hook, line and sinker)

Daryl Dunham Weisberg and I came across this poor guy on our Kure Beach walk at the end of hurricane Joaquin. He was looking mighty dejected and could hardly get out of our path. We noticed some fishing line tangled around the feet and the bill, which you can see in pic 1. We asked some nearby folks who were fishing if they wanted to help and try to save the pelican and they were happy to participate. With a big beach towel we surrounded then shrouded him and he settled right down in Susan and Richard’s arms while we unwound the line and cut the barbs off the hooks that were embedded in his bill and foot. Pic 2 shows a happy pelican about to lift off, which he did after about an hours rest. This was a really great moment for all of us.

Pelican rescue October 2015 Kure Beach
pelican resucue 2 October 2015 Kure Beach

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