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Spinal Discs, Chiropractic and Nutrition

There are 23 spinal discs in the human spine. The health of the discal tissues requires proper spinal alignment, balanced body movements, abundant blood supply and specific nutrients.

Chiropractic helps to keep the discal tissue healthy by creating better alignment and mobility of the disc tissue as it relates to it’s position between two spinal bones called vertebrae. This helps to improve blood flow to the discal and ligamentous tissues. With improved alignment body balance and body movements become easier and place less stress on the disc.

Proper Nutrition helps keep the discal tissues healthy and less prone to injury or breakdown. When a disc is injured and can not heal properly due to malposition or a lack of proper nutrition, arthritis inevitably begins to form at that spinal level.

Seaside Wellness Center provides expert care for discal issues using the most effective chiropractic care and nutritional recommendations.

-Dr. John Weisberg

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