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The self assurances that we long for requires respect, responsibility and stewardship.

PsychoneuroimmunologyRespecting the bigness of life and realizing that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves and our species comes with the self assurance that we are looking for and so desperately want in our lives. With that also comes responsibility and stewardship of our bodies and the planet that we live on. To think that we can have one without the other is pure arrogance and until we understand this and respect this Universal Law we will struggle with the severe limitations of man’s limited understanding of how it all works. If every discovery we make about how our body, mind and spirit fits into to the bigness of life has upon it a price tag for capitalistic gain, then we will never get to the real clear picture of life – for muddling in half truths is always more profitable.

Dr. John Weisberg

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