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Reset Your Health Expression In Just 3 Days


Lemon Essential Oil

One 15ml Bottle Of Young Living Essential Oil of Lemon

Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual. When you wake up take two drops of Young Living Essential Oil of Lemon in the palm of your hand and rub your two hands together.

Cup your hands over your nose and fill your sinuses and lungs with a deep inhalation. Repeat three times. Sit in a comfortable arm chair and close your eyes. Breath in through your nose. Calm your mind.

If you practice a meditation then use the procedure. If you pray then pray for peace and calming for yourself and your world. Stay focused on your mantra or your prayer. If you do not practice TM or prayer then just sit in silence for 20 minutes and visualize a healthy you, body, mind and spirit.

Now it’s time to get ready for your day. If you have time for a nice long walk now is a good time to take it but before you walk or go to work heat up a cup of broth and drink. While you are at work or in the middle of your morning take another snort of Lemon Oil.

  • For lunchtime repeat your morning routine but you can skip the meditation.
  • For dinner repeat the morning routine and be sure to take that second walk.
  • Drink plenty of 100% Spring Water throughout the day and into the early evening. Stay calm.
9 Cups Free Range Organic Chicken Broth

9 Cups Free Range Organic Chicken Broth

Repeat this daily routine for three days. When you are done and on day 4 when you arise continue to use the Lemon oil and maybe add Peppermint Oil for a change. Consider the meditation and the walk as part of your normal ongoing routine.

You may now start the day with some real raw food, such as organic fruit or a raw fruit shake with a little whey protein and flax seed oil. For lunch consider a big interesting salad with high quality oil and lemon juice dressing along with some nuts, seeds, organic hard boiled egg or some wild caught fish. For dinner how about another big interesting salad with some lightly steamed veggies like beets (15  minutes cook time) or broccoli (4 minutes cook time).

If you continue on this path, your entire life will change and you now have a chance at more energy, more healing substance, stronger immune system and a brighter outlook on all that life has to offer. Get some!

Dr. John Weisberg

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