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Reflexology stimulates the body to balance, health through the reflex points of the feet.


Daryl D. Weisberg, M.S. is a Reflexologist extraordinaire.  She has a Master Degree in Learning and Behavioral Disorders from Buffalo State College and is certified by the American Reflexology Association and the International Institute of Reflexology. Daryl has provided Reflexology and Reiki service in a Wellness clinic atmosphere for more than 20 years. She knows how to help you regain your health naturally. Call us today at (910) 352-2723 to get started!

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  1. Dr. John Weisberg says
    Oct 02, 2014 at 5:23 PM

    It has been such a pleasure working side by side with Daryl. She has the true healer touch. All of the patients that I have ever referred to Daryl have had the optimum healing experience at the Seaside Wellness Center.

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