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Reflexology For A Happy, Healthy Heart

foot diagramreflexologyThe heart is the body’s most powerful muscle. This hard working muscle is responsible for receiving blood from the veins, which has been collected through out the body  and pumping the blood to the lungs.  Here the lungs exchange the carbon dioxide waste for fresh oxygen, the waste is carried away, and fresh oxygen filled blood is pumped back into circulation. A healthy heart is vital!

Improved Circulation

One of the many benefits of Reflexology is the improvement of circulation. Working  the reflexes of the feet, if done correctly, will automatically improve circulation. Working the heart reflex is an excellent preventive measure for any problems concerning the heart and supports the entire cardiovascular system.

Reduced Stress

Another huge benefit of Reflexology is reduced stress and tension.  We are all too familiar with the debilitating effects of too much stress and tension and the toll it takes on all of our glands, organs, and body parts. Reflexology reduces this stress and tension in the moment, and is a preventive measure for the future. A healthy heart is a happy heart!

Essential Oils

My favorite Young Living Essential single oils for supporting the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system are of Lavender, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang.

My favorite Young Living Essential oil blends for supporting the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system are Peace and Calming, Valor, and Release.

When I use these oils in combination with Reflexology in my practice I get amazing results. Healthy happy hearts!

Be sure to take care of your heart, and be thankful for it every day!

Daryl Weisberg, MS, Certified Reflexologist


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