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Phosphorus, Low Back Pain and Morning Stiffness

Have you ever wondered where that morning stiffness syndrome comes from? It could be a simple dietary deficiency brought on by eating foods that have too little phosphorus or foods that interfere with the uptake of phosphorus. Try designing your meals using the hygienic model. Proper food combining will often solve the phosphorus uptake problem and make more muscle relaxing phosphorus available which will solve the morning stiffness and low back pain problem. The food combining rules are simple.

Morning Stiffness

If you decide that you want to eat a protein meal such as eggs, meat or beans then don’t eat bread, pasta or desert (carbs) at the same meal. If you decide that you want a carbohydrate  meal then don’t eat the protein at the same meal. Pasta, breads, cereals and sweets all fall into the carbohydrate category. Those are the rules and you can do it with a little rethinking and commitment.

Some exceptions include nuts and seeds which can be mixed with fruits and other wholesome cereals and sweeteners like organic honey or maple syrup. If you are a cereal lover in the morning than consider using almond milk instead of pasteurized cows milk. The food combination will be more appropriate to what you are trying to accomplish.

Some good books that are consistent with this philosophy would be Fit for Life by Marilyn Diamond and The South Beach Diet and my own version of the Page Fundamental Diet. Another great resource is the Weston Price Foundation. If you need additional phosphorus in your diet as a supplement we can help, usually with a preparation of Phosphoric Acid or  a calcium phosphate supplement. Sometimes a blood lab test will reveal the imbalance, but I see that only rarely. Usually the symptom of morning stiffness is the giveaway. This dietary change with chiropractic care  is life changing. Imagine springing out of bed again with no more morning ritual of complaining, hunching, gripping the pain and shuffling the feet. Bounce right into the vertical state with a smile and a can do attitude.

Yours in health,

Dr. John


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