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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Seaside Wellness Center patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please call our office at (910) 352-2723 or send us an email.

Yours in Health,
Seaside Wellness Center

  • Dr. John is great and he was concerned about all my issues.

    -Harry M.
  • Our family has benefited greatly from Dr. John’s combination of chiropractic and nutritional care.

    -Catherine B.
  • I was pleased and appreciative to be seen on short notice, and I was given great attention and respect. I left confident my condition could be handled by someone knowledgeable, courteous, and concerned for my health. I couldn’t be happier about my initial visit.

    -Shawn G.
  • Doctor was knowledgeable and clear with information.

    -Francine B.
  • I love that Dr. Weisberg listens completely and offers hope. I love that he approaches healing from a holistic viewpoint. That’s what drew me into the office all the way from Jacksonville!

    -Misty W.
  • I appreciate Dr. Weisberg taking the time to explain my situation and what we can do to correct it. I feel like it is more than just an adjustment, it is a plan for my well being.

    -Joshua M.
  • First visit was very informal. Doctor paid attention to my concerns/issues. First adjustment provided a measure of relief. Feel very confident that Dr. Weisberg knows what he is doing, and has the right skill sets to correct my problems. If I had to grade him, I would give him an “A”.

    -Sheryl K.
  • During my first appointment, Dr. Weisberg was very attentive and listened to my concerns. He was very informative when explaining things without overwhelming me. I am confident that he will be able to help me in the future.

    -Jenny B.
  • Great doctor!

    -Basinkewitz Z.
  • Thank you again for helping me in my emergency situation. I am now considering a change in my chiropractor services.

    -Steven F.
  • I was extremely nervous going into my first visit, didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised! I had a very gentle adjustment and felt relief right away! I can’t thank him enough and will most definitely be back again!

    -Melissa W.
  • Great visit with our little one!! Dr. John did an amazing job working with him and the squirming of an 11 month old didn’t phase him at all. Super thankful for your time and consideration in helping our little man. Thank you so much!!

    -Shilo W.
  • The Weisberg’s have a vast knowledge of health and wellness. It is a very refreshing and affirming alternative to conventional medical practices. I am optimistic about my health.

    -Judy B.
  • Dr. Weisberg is very kind, professional, helpful and thorough. He took time to explain everything and I felt better after my first visit.

    -Angela C.
  • I was out of town and in so much pain. My son and family come here all the time and set me up. I had a great listener and a fabulous adjustment, I was able to enjoy the rest of my stay. Thank you!

    -Lori C.
  • Thanks for taking an out of towner on short notice and making the rest of my vacation pain free and enjoyable!

    -Dave J.
  • Dr John is very knowledgeable and attentive at understanding and connecting with my physical issues. His evaluation and recommendations were spot on with needs of my body. He is an excellent diagnostician and his chiropractic techniques are superior. I would highly recommend him.

    -Tom F.
  • Dr. Weisberg was warm and attentive throughout my visit. He respectfully listened to my concerns and evaluated my symptoms. He was gracious with his time and reinforced my confidence in the ability of the body to heal itself when given proper care.

    -Lindsey F.
  • Dr. John took time to explain my treatment and I was very pleased with the service.

    -David C.
  • The doctor text me later that night to c if I was feeling ok. Wow. That was really cool

    -Glenn G.
  • We had a very positive first experience. I was nervous at first for my son, but seeing how calm and happy he was after was a blessing!

    -Jaxon C.
  • Dr. John answered my call personally this morning at an obscenely early time (sorry about that) and made time for me first thing even though he had never seen me as a patient before. My pain and stiffness are much improved. I like the fact that there is a holistic approach to my overall health at Seaside Wellness and I look forward to trying their other services in conjunction with my continued chiropractic care!!

    -Sheree R.
  • Learned a lot. I am anticipating learning how to becoming a healthier 59 year old. I am also excited in learning how to take charge of my health. My first appointment was very informative.

    -Karen B.
  • The reflexology session was wonderful. Afterwards my feet actually felt lighter and very energized. It also felt as if I had a complete body massage, my whole body had more energy and felt rejuvenated. Plus, my state of mind felt very uplifted and clearer .
    Very positive benefits!

    -Arlene D.
  • I found Dr. Weisberg’s practice while searching the Internet for someone that could help me with what I thought was sciatic pain. I was desperate, and I saw Dr. Weisberg had very high reviews. Plus, he was open on Saturday.More from Rose…»

    I left a message on their office phone, and before their office opened, Dr. Weisberg texted me stating he could see me that morning, the first appointment! After my first visit, I know why the reviews were high. I had a bad experience with my 1st chiropractor visit years ago with another doctor at another office, but Dr. Weisberg was very knowledgeable and put me at ease. I feel confident Dr. Weisberg will be able to help relieve my pain from a pinched nerve.

    -Rose J.
  • Thank you for getting me in on short notice!

    -David N.
  • Caring, competent and concise.

    -Eric B.
  • I’ve been seen for Reiki, nutritional counselling and chiropractic work at Seaside and have walked away from each session feeling better than when I went in. I feel very cared for and am impressed by how knowledgeable and attentive the Weisbergs are. Thank you for helping me heal.

    -Linda M.
  • Thank you for taking such good care of my wife. It is a blessing to see her released from physical pain after a visit.

    -Darrin P.
  • Loved my adjustment!

    -Kim G.
  • Great start!

    -Lonn L.
  • I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Weisberg brought me in as soon as he received my request for an appointment. As a new patient I anticipated having to wait a day or two but he saw me right away and I received treatment that eased my back pain immediately.

    -William M.

Very Knowledgeable

I would definitely recommend Dr Weisberg!!! He doesn’t use assistants and machines for your adjustments. He does it himself, by hand. My treatments are based off of my specific needs not the basic treatments everyone gets walking in at most places. He really listens to your concerns and physically addresses them. Very knowledgeable!

-Laura C.

Dr. John Weisberg and Daryl Weisberg, M.S.
Serving Wilmington and the surrounding areas
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