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Now is the time to detox

Detox vs. Fast advice from Chiropractor in WilmingtonIn between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas is an excellent time to consider a detox program. At Seaside Wellness Center we us a gentle cleanse from the Standard Process Laboratories. There is still plenty of food so you don’t have to feel as though you are fasting. We want you to concentrate on raw foods such as veggies and fruits and decrease the stress foods like processed and sugary foods. Along with the diet we recommend as regimen of herbals that are designed to check your cravings and support body during to detox and cleanse. We make it easy, effective  and affordable. You will be glad you chose this track at this time because you will now go into the New Year 10 lbs. lighter and light years healthier. Clinical nutritionist Dr. John Weisberg has been helping his patients through cleanse programs for over 32 years. “What I see as the greater benefit, other than weight loss, is significant improvement if conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus erythematosus, obesity, adrenal fatigue, headaches and even the side effects of cancer chemotherapy, says Weisberg.”

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