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Keep Life Simple for a Simply Life Experience

lifestyle advice from Wilmington ChiropractorThere is a spirit of life in you that has to be re-connected to the physical entity that you walk around with. So, the adjustment connects the two. The purpose of the adjustment is so we reach our greatest expression of innate through matter or life as the case may be, being synonymous terms. 

So, if we make an adjustment on a person the idea is that there is a definite connection of life and a greater expression of life through matter. And if we stop and think about it life is motion. The Chiropractic term is motion. When you have a spinal or vertebral subluxation, which is an interference to the expression of life, beneath the subluxation is paralysis, which simply means lack of motion or lack of life. So the reality is then that the subluxated person is not expressing maximum life, and by correcting the subluxation, which allows a greater expression of life or innate through matter, then that tissue cell begins to vibrate at a higher rate and when it reaches its primal level of vibration, then it functions normally.

It’s all simple but everyone makes it so complicated.

What is your life other than a spiritual thing? Is it a physical thing? Your life is not a physical thing it is a spiritual thing. It is a spirit is it not? Have you ever seen life, drunk life or picked up life or eaten life? No, no it’s there an it’s expressing itself but it’s expressing itself through matter. Now, if you remove the life from a physical body in an instant that body doesn’t work any longer. Why? Because it doesn’t have what? Life! Life is the spirit that causes the body to work. When you make an adjustment you unite the two because areas in the body are not expressing life as it should so therefor that part of the body doesn’t work or is dysfunctional.

So when we make an adjustment there is an expression of life through matter over the nervous system to the level of the tissue, and now we have motion and we have life again. It is simple.

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