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Inner Healing Wisdom

Wilmington Chiropractor shares Innate Intelligence Philosophy We are a thinking body. A body/mind if you will. What we think becomes who we are and that opens up a whole new world of thinking when it comes to healing processes.

Getting out of a sickness model of medical care and into a wellness model of healthcare will be a challenge in America. This capitalistic, profit driven medical model that we currently have in place will do almost anything to not lose it’s position as king. I see a lot of dissension though, as many are beginning to awaken to the fact that most of the healing power needed is within and, through experience, a reborn trust in our innate intelligence is stirring.

It is a good thing that medical science has accomplished life saving insights, but the application of modern medicine to problems better left resolved by natural means, needs to be seriously reconsidered. Like wise with naturalists, if everything that is being offered is profit driven, the potential for sales before safety and overtreatment exists. All healers need to revisit their roots on these issues. If our mission to help and heal is our motivation then we will find the necessary balance needed to be available as physicians. If our motivation is primarily profit driven then we should surely not be in the business of health care.

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