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Infants have needs that must be met. Chiropractic connects the spirit and the physical. Dr. Weisberg skillfully helps infants and parents bond.

Sleep deprieved parents... It is the parent’s responsibility to focus their own body, mind and spiritual connection with their infant and connect with the infant’s need. This takes patience and understanding, trials, tribulations and resolve. There is no easy way, no quick fix and no other responsible party. Relax and connect and above all keep this process natural. Chiropractic helps in this connection process. It is all about lines of communication between the infants body, mind and spirit and the parent’s body, mind and spirit. It is about life expressing itself through matter. There more you can clarify this the easier it will be to meet the needs of your infant. The more you distance yourself from this process the greater the challenges will be and with the greater the frustrations.

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