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Helping parents regain their trust in the innate healing power

Establishing chiropractic care from the get go... When an infant is placed under chiropractic care it is because parents have a deep trust that their baby’s natural healing power is at work and needs no help, just no interference. They understand that pediatric chiropractic is about insuring that the possible nervous system interferences are minimized, therefor allowing their baby’s innate healing potential to express itself and achieve maximum health potential.

With that there is little needed for babies to be healthy. Some good nourishing breast milk, lots of love and tenderness, a safe environment and a peaceful calming atmosphere. When a doctor of chiropractic who is skilled in pediatric care is part of the life and development team for infants it is good for all concerned. Confidence is hard to find in a world that wants to take our confidence away with constant fear mongering. What our world needs now more than ever is confident parents, confident children and confident grounded doctors who have an unwavering and unaltered trust in our natural process.

Dr. John Weisberg and Daryl D. Weisberg, M.S. have been providing alternative medical care using chiropractic, clinical nutrition, reflexology, aromatherapy and Reiki therapy to infants and their families for over 35 years. Dr. Weisberg is a Fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Daryl Weisberg has her Master’s degree in Learning and Behavioral Disorders. Together the Weisberg’s have assisted thousands of patients back to health and they have successfully raised three awesome daughters. Part of their specialization is in working with handicapped children and their families as their youngest daughter was born with special needs.

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