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Free yourself with chiropractic

Free YourselfDo you remember how it felt when you were a child? Remember how things looked, smelled, felt and sounded?  How about when you were a young adult? Do you remember when you first had the feeling that those youthful feelings were slipping away or were somehow dulled. Almost everyone alive on the planet has had this feeling or thought so you are not alone. I have spent my career observing humans before and after a chiropractic adjustment and I can tell you that one of the most common post adjustment comments is, “wow, I feel so free.” There is much more to this than what may meet the eye. Some other common feedback includes, “I feel so light,”  “I feel so clear,” “my sinuses just drained,”  “I can breath again,” and on and on. Even better is when the patient returns for their follow up visit and they say, “I slept so soundly,”  “my heartburn is gone,”  “we had the best sex,”  “I don’t know what you did but my asthma is gone,”  “I don’t know what you did but my hemorrhoids are gone,”  “I had the best BM I’ve had in a long time,”  “my skin stopped itching,”  “I came here for back pain and my headaches are gone,” and on and on.

My favorite is, “I have tried everything and finally after seeing you for chiropractic, I’M PREGNANT.” It is these moments that we chiropractors live for. It is these moments that give us the greatest sense of fulfillment. It is moments like these that I wish for every patient I serve. So if you haven’t already, get adjusted, correct your vertebral subluxation complex, reduce your nervous system interference and  “FREE YOURSELF.”

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