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Chiropractic and wholesome nutrition helps ADHD.


Behaving Well

Posted on October 31, 2014 by Sally Fallon Morell

A Norwegian study suggests  that the diet of children may affect their behavior. Children who ate more unhealthy foods, defined in the study as chips, buns, cakes, waffles, chocolate, cookies, sweets, soda, ice cream, popsicles, bread with jam or honey, pizza, and soda with artificial sweeteners, had higher levels of internalizing behaviors such as worry, sadness, crying and anxiety, as well as externalizing behaviors, including aggression, tantrums, hyperactivity and defiant behavior.

In comparison, children who ate more traditional or healthy foods, defined as “white fish, oily fish, boiled and raw vegetables, fruit, bread with fish products, eggs, bread with meat, Norwegian brown cheese, and fish products” (could that be cod liver oil?) had lower levels of these problem behaviors (Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2014 Jul 23).

Sally Fallon is an author and spokesperson for the Weston Price Foundation. If you are not aware of this organization then it is time to open up this flood gate of timeless information. You will find everything you need to nourish your family in their reading and research.

Dr. John and Daryl Weisberg have been proponents of  the Weston Price Foundation since before they opened their first healing arts center in 1982. They raised their children with these nourishing principles and influenced countless patients and members of their community to think twice about food and buy right regarding local, organic, coops, herbals, supplements, gardening, sustenance, self reliance and food preparation.

Wilmington, NC residents are fortunate to have these two, in practice and of service. The issues of toxicity from food and water additives, GMO, vaccination, air pollution and the myriad of health problems as a result of wrongful stewardship of our planet are upon us. It is people like the Weisbergs at the Seaside Wellness Center that are in position to help us understand and take action. Staying healthy and raising healthy children should always be our number one issue.

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