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Inspirational quote from Wilmington ChiropractorNorman Cousins, in his landmark book, Anatomy of an Illness, as he struggled with advancing ankylosing spondylitis said, “I forged an unusual collaboration with my physician, and together we were able to beat the odds. The doctor’s genius was in helping me to use my own powers: laughter, courage, and tenacity. My talent was in mobilizing my body’s own natural resources, proving what an effective healing tool the mind can be.”  

“At Seaside Wellness Center this concept that thoughts matter is at the root of our professional careers,” says Dr. John Weisberg. Dr. John & Daryl Weisberg were heavily influence by Norman Cousins, Bernie Seigel, Bill Bahan, Delores Krieger, Deepak Chopra, John Travis, Lewis Thomas, Ina May Gaskin and Hans Selye. “All of these leaders in mind/body healing were causing a stir when we were entering Palmer College of Chiropractic back in the 70s.” We took them seriously and we are glad we did, because that opened up the idea of a wellness center or holistic healing arts center. We have been in that model of healthcare for 32 years and it’s only getting better as more and more of our patients are getting the importance of what we are offering, says Weisberg.”

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