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Keeping wellness on our minds in a sickness based media.

Health and well-being never seems to make the headlines even though we hear from each other all the time that health is our most precious commodity. Headlines are after all how most of us start our day either by pulling up our default browser, MSN, Yahoo, etc. or reading our national or local newspaper or maybe even turning on a national news TV channel such as MSNBC or FOX.

This morning I pulled up Yahoo News and the headliner was all about the HPV (human papilloma virus) and how it is wreaking havoc amongst men causing everything from genital warts to throat cancer and cervix cancer in women. The bottom line was of course the promotion of the HPV vaccination with the promise that it is as close as we are to a “cure” for cancer and that all boys and girls should have this vaccine, period. Wow! What a way to start your day. A very positive outlook and consideration for what’s going right in the world and what we are doing to promote real health and well-being. Not.

Morning time should be the time for introspection and contemplation on what you will do to add something positive and creative to the world and not worrying about how you are going to navigate the tricky waters of negativism, coercion and panic that seems to envelope the collective consciousness of man on a regular basis.

Maybe it’s time for a media break? The interesting thing about today’s HPV news it that I just finished watching a nine part documentary series called, “Vaccines Revealed.” The HPV issue was covered quite thoroughly, which concluded that the vaccine was dong far more harm than help to children whose parents have chosen to have vaccinated. The statistics just don’t add up. In other words, your child’s chances of contracting cancer from HPV exposure is far less than your child’s chances of being vaccine injured.

The power that made the body...

What I wish that the morning headline had been different.

“Studies show that a diet rich in natural sources of iodine, zinc, vitamin A, B, C, D and E and essential fatty acids are shown to prevent auto immunity and cancer because of the immune system benefits.”

“Regulations regarding clean water, air and environmental pollution is beginning to take effect. We are seeing less mercury and aluminum in fish and autism rates have decreased in areas that once spewed mercury out of the coal stacks of industrial and power plants.”

“Studies show that rates of autism amongst unvaccinated children when compared to vaccinated children are statistically nonexistent.”

“Studies show that families that adhere to diets that are mostly organic sourced foods and avoid early childhood vaccines have much less incidence of auto immune diseases.”

“Studies show that babies who have not been immunized in the first three years of life have been shown to suffer far less incidence of autism spectrum disorders.”

“Studies show that breast fed babies are at much less risk of autism and auto immune disorders.”

“Studies show that children under regular chiropractic care have far fewer incidence of childhood sickness when compared to children never seen by a chiropractor.”

Wow! Now those are some headlines that could get your day started on the right foot. The question being, “What can I do today to make my world and the world of my family and fellow man a healthier and wellness driven place to be?”

Answering these questions in the morning headline seems like it should be a priority. Unfortunately our media is profit driven and the biggest advertisers are coming from the pharmaceutical industry. Talk about fake news. It is not in the true sense fake news, but when data is cherry picked and manipulated like it is, the news is mostly not telling the whole story.That whole story if revealed would not support most of what you are reading and that is unfortunate for the misinformed.

We really do live in a time where money trails must be followed and everything must be questioned. I know that is hard but it must be done, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of your family. I hope this is helpful and somehow good news. I did list some good news research so now it is your prerogative to look into it further or take a few of those pearls to the bank and start enhancing your health with some simple and affordable, real health care. For more information check out our vast wellness related blogs posted to

Yours in Health,

Dr. John E. Weisberg


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